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Windows 7 Problem : All *.lnk (Links) are Opened by Notepad

Well, actually it is my stupidity. I have this problem almost 3 times, and tonight I have it again. *arrghhh.. That’s why I decided to write it here.

My computer has problem with notepad program’s link. When I searched it in program menu, I found it, but there was an option to open it by which program. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the problem, then I chose notepad to open it. And, bam… all my program’s links become *.lnk file that by default only can be opened by notepad. It’s disgusting..

I then search the solution of this problem, and I want to write it here.

1. Download LNK default registry here.

2. Extract it, right klick, and then choose “Merge”. If you want to know what registry parameters that are changed by this default registry file, you can do right klick, then edit.

3. After you choose “Merge“, there will be prompt menu, and klick “Yes“.

5. Restart the computer to see an effect.

Hope it will be usefull for me next time. 🙂


For the other file extension, you find it here.


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